Baby Quilt II

This has been a very productive year so far for me on the quilt front. I've finished 4 projects that I began before the new year. For the record, those would be the Frieda Anderson small wall quilt, two lap quilts that were donated for cancer patients, and the Blooming 9-Patch.
I've continued to plug away on the Block of the Month (BOM) project, although I am officially behind again (I was briefly all caught up in January!). Now the year is over and I still have several parts to do: I need to make a gazillion "flying geese" rectangles for the border and there is filler to go around the central medallion. I'll have a picture of that soon.
I made one baby quilt in two weeks!
I made another baby quilt that I finished last week. I was hired to make this one by a co-worker for her great-nephew who was born in early February.
Those polka-dots don't photograph very well in the picture above, but the close-ups below might give you a better sense of the colors and design.
I quilted those spiral swirls free-motion on my mid-arm Brother PQ1500. I do not use a frame.
No, I don't sleep much.


  1. Wow. I love looking at quilt designs. Blame it on the frustrated graphic designer in my soul. Either that or it traces back to a grandmother who used to make them. One or the other. ;-)

    I would never ever have the patience to actually make one. I'm impressed. Again. Wow. Those are fantastic.

  2. Thank you Bev! And the designs are endlessly appealing aren't they? So much changes depending upon color, light/dark values, etc. Whatever the reason, very fun. Thanks!

  3. Whenever I'm at a flea market or something similar, I always get distracted looking at all the quilts. So I'm definitely going to have fun browsing your blog. ;-)


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