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Less reading & reviewing; More sewing

My Phillies are getting ready to lock down their 4th consecutive NL East crown. With so much great baseball to capture my attention, not to mention the start of football season, my reading is down a quite a bit from usual. As of today I've only finished 9 books in September. Usually by this date I'd be closer to 15 or 16. I haven't felt much like writing any reviews either. I've read a couple of books I'd like to write about, but then I get focused elsewhere--on baseball, on sewing, on the new TV season...
But today, the UPS guy brought me a very special package: Look, my own brand new Kindle (the cheap wi-fi one)!!!
I didn't want to spend money on the case, so tonight I whipped one out. Took me exactly one hour. While the Phillies completed their sweep of the Braves. How sweet! Oh how I love this time of year! Happy First Day of Fall everyone. Hope you got to see the Harvest Moon where you are (we didn't--it rained).

I can't stop

This time I played with adding a 3rd fabric and squaring off the edges. It looks a little wonky, but I don't think you'd notice if you put it on a small end table. In the end, I think I like the rounded edges better.

So that's 3 of these things in the last week. Next time I want to make a bigger one.

Quick Gifts

When I need to whip out a quick gift, I love my ARDCO circle square templates. A good friend just moved to a new home. And my church was looking for some items to use as door prizes at an upcoming event. Each one of these only take 2 hours or so to put together. They are approx. 18" across.

I think the backs look pretty cool, too.

And speaking of gifts, I finished the binding on the baby quilt for my coworker. I showed you closeups of the quilting here a couple weeks ago.

Phyl's 5 Phaves from August

Ah, September. I'm very ambivalent about this time of year. I love the heat. I love the long days. I hate that today was probably our last 90 degree day of the year. However, I also love that school starts and a regular routine is re-established. And I love football season because I do lots of sewing. I guess in the end I'm not sorry to see August go.

Before I move on to the Phaves, remember that contest I won? Look what's up at Amazon! Only 6 months and 28 days to go! And BTW, I've slowly been spending my winnings. A special post will be forthcoming.

Meanwhile, I suppose we must move on to the purpose of this post.

5. The Sergeant's Lady by Susanna Fraser. I almost wrote a full-blown review of this. Then I got lazy. Sorry. This will have to do. Let me say, I'm so glad I watched all of those BBC episodes of Sharpe's Rifles. Besides the awesome goodness of Sean Bean, those shows really help you visualize Spain during the Peninsular War and Fraser's debut n…