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TBR Day -- One Night for Love / Mary Balogh. 1999

About 5-6 years ago I was reading some fiction reviews in Library Journal when I ran across a brief review of Mary Balogh’sA Summer to Remember. I decided to check it out of the library and a day later my love of the romance genre was reborn. I loved this book and I loved the way Ms. Balogh created a book with such emotional depth. I proceeded to buy (and read) every other MB book I could get my hands on, although for some reason I never really wanted to read the precursor to ASTR, One Night for Love. I think because I “knew” what happened in that book, it was not a priority to read it. So it’s been in my TBR pile for all these years.

With Mary Balogh’s newest release (Simply Perfect) due next week, I decided it was finally time to read ONFL. This is the book where SP’s hero, Joseph, Marquess of Attingsborough, makes his first appearance. It seemed appropriate that I finally read it before reading SP.

ONFL is the first book in what has become a rather massively connected series known be…

Oak Leaf & Reel wall hanging finished

This is the kit that I finished quilting while on my retreat 2 weeks ago. Here it is all bound with a hanging sleeve. Another UFO out the door. Yippee!

I'm not reading, I'm re-stocking my cognitive reserve.

The YOU docs have the following to say about reading:

On cognitive tests, book lovers outperform people with lower reading levels. No surprise there. But the big news is that people who read regularly may develop a "cognitive reserve." What’s that mean? That they’ve got extra brainpower to keep the mind rolling when brain cells are under attack. In a study of factory workers, the brains of the big readers functioned just fine on cognitive tasks, despite on-the-job exposure to toxic substances, like lead.

So next time I feel guilty for reading instead of cleaning the bathroom, I'll just remind myself that my cognitive reserve might be running low and I should stock up. Besides, do you have any idea how toxic those bathroom cleansers really are?