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Phyl's 5 Phaves from May

5. A Night Like This by Julia Quinn. You know, I had some issues with this book. My main issue was that the hero, Daniel Smythe-Smith, wasn't more careful with the reputation and circumstances of the heroine, Anne Wynter. But darn, I do love the humor and emotion that Quinn can infuse into a book. I cared about Daniel and Anne and enjoyed their story. I don't have a lot more to say about this other than this was a quick and fun read.
4. The Proposal by Mary Balogh. For Balogh's fans, this book has been a long-awaited story involving a minor character from previous books, including the first Balogh I ever read, A Summer to Remember. It's also the first book in a seven-part series (7!) featuring six men and one woman who are survivors of the Napoleonic wars. Plenty of fodder for angst, something Balogh often does really well. In The Proposal Gwen, Lady Muir, is a widow. Her marriage had been a troubled one, and just before her husband's death she'd suffered a ri…

I made it BACK to Sisters!

So, if you can stand more nonsense about my vacation, here are some pictures specifically from last Saturday, July 14. As part of our Pacific NW vacation I dragged my DH and Teen to Sisters, Oregon for the day to attend their annual outdoor show. I got to be there four years ago and had a wonderful time. I couldn't wait to get back and it was a treat to be able to do so. One day when I'm retired, I'm going out for the whole week (there are classes and lectures and other events prior to the day of the show).

Lately I've become fascinated by what is being called the modern quilt movement. There's a wonderful definition of modern quilting here. The quilts here seem to me to meet the definition of modern quilting and are among my favorites of what I saw. I absolutely fell in love with these pineapples below. My picture doesn't do this quilt justice.

Both of these appear rather straightforward in construction so what shines is the use of color and shading. 

One of t…

I've Been Vacationing!

Things have been a bit quiet around here. I've been busy, though. Exploring the Pacific Coast.
From the Northwest Corner of Washington.
 From the Olympic Peninsula.
From the Mouth of the Columbia River.
To the picturesque Oregon coastline.
 Sometimes it gets a bit foggy.
Lots of times the sun is shining!
It's all too much fun.
P.S. Even with a week to go I can tell you there'll be no TBR post this month!