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Oh Christmas Trees!

Not too long ago I saw a demo at a local quilt shop about how to make these cute little Christmas tree ornaments. The pattern, from The Quilt Company in Pittsburgh cost a ridiculous $2.50. I bought the pattern, pulled some scraps, and got to work. Now I can't seem to stop making them!

I have quite a few. More than I need. Want one? I'll mail one to 3 randomly selected commenters. Leave a comment by Midnight EST (0500 GMT) and I'll do the drawing then. I'll try to get them in the mail to winners on Wednesday--if you live in the U.S. you might get it by Christmas Eve.
Merry Christmas!

Phyl's 5 Phaves from November

Looking back at Novermber I have to say that once again my total of books seems on the low side, but I did get to read some really good stuff last month. It was hard to settle on just 5 to highlight, so I want to give an honorable mention to 2 books. The first is Vince Flynn's American Assassin. Since I prefer to blog about romance books, I don't always mention the non-romance I sometimes read. This straight suspense book featuring a young Mitch Rapp was reminiscent of Flynn's earlier books and the first one of Flynn's I really, really liked since he killed off Anna. The 2nd honorable mention goes to Suzanne Enoch's Rules of an Engagement. This is probably damning with faint praise, but I came close to giving up on this one part way in. I was browsing ahead trying to decide whether to continue or not. I noticed that the hero decides to woo the heroine and he has to persuade her that they belong together. So I went back to continue reading. Sure enough from there th…

Wishing for summer

I needed a quick gift and I had this little pattern called "Hurray for the USA!" by Country Lore Designs. I'm not sure when or where I bought it as it isn't usually my style, but it turned out to be good to have on hand. Plus, it was nice to think of summer while I worked on it. We've had an early cold snap, and that's made me cranky. I don't handle the cold well.

I like how the back looks. The applique serves as the quilting. The finished quilt is only 8" x 14".

So there. I finished something. Probably took a total of about 5-6 hours. I should make more tiny things.