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December 2013 Ornament Project

Every now and then I get in a mood to make a batch of Christmas Tree ornaments. I've posted about them a couple of times in the past. I ran across the instructions to these stars and churned out a couple of dozen of them for family and friends. Here are the ones I kept for myself:

So remember how I finished all of those UFOs earlier this year? By July I had finished 11 quilts. In October I made a quick wall hanging and that was the last project I finished in 2013 besides these ornaments. Not that I wasn't sewing. I've simultaneously been working on a full-sized t-shirt quilt (it's all done except the binding!!!) and a twin-sized bed quilt. But neither one got finished in 2013, so the year ended on a bit of a whimper compared to how it started out. Still, if you include the stars, I finished 13 projects last year. Not too shabby.

I don't have the incentive of a UFO contest for this year, so we'll see what I can find to motivate myself. I went back to work full-…