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Very Special T-Shirt Quilt

Fellow blogger SonomaLass, did me the great honor of bidding on my Brenda Novak Auction item last year. She won a t-shirt quilt made by yours truly and I'm pleased to say I finally finished it. My first finish of 2014.
The previous time I had done this, the winner was someone I worked with. When I needed to talk to her about fabric choices, I could just pop over to her office. This time all of the consulting was done long distance and I had a lot of fun going to the shop, taking pictures of various fabrics and sending them to SonomaLass for her to choose from. I even set up a Flickr page to document my progress on the quilt. (If you go look, the pictures are arranged in reverse chronological order.)
So here's a look at the finished quilt:
One shirt was "re-created" by printing the images on printable fabric. That stuff soaks up ink so nicely. It also soaked up some of the red dye when I washed the quilt. I was a bit surprised to say the least, because I had pre-wash…