It's starting to look like a quilt top

My block of the month project is now 3/4 finished. I've made 8 blocks, 2 rows of sashing, 8 sets of block connectors, and the first part of the center medallion. Tonight I sewed some of the blocks and connectors together. Then I put it all up on my design wall:

I believe that tomorrow I'll receive the fabric and instructions to finish the center medallion and I will be able to sew the whole center unit together. From there the 4 corners and the rest of the border. Still lots of space to fill in to make it look like this:

Actually, mine will look slightly different. The shop owner who is running this program made a few fabric substitutions to create more contrast. As a result, I arranged my blocks a little differently to improve the symmetry.

But dang! I am totally caught up. Yea me.


  1. That is so gorgeous!! I love both the pattern and the colors.

  2. WOW! :)

    "But dang! I am totally caught up."

    I don't recall if I've ever said those words before. LOL!

  3. Thanks Lori and Christine! And believe me, Christine, the words "I am totally caught up" rarely leave my mouth. But when I am... well, it just has to be said :-)


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