Frieda Anderson Workshop project finished

Here's a look at my latest finished project. This is from a class with Frieda Anderson, a gifted teacher and quilt artist who creates beautiful little quilts and does amazing things with color. I learned a new way to fuse fabric and I loved the design. I ended up doing a ton of machine quilting to make the flowers come alive, so I got lots of practice working on that. I love the texture created by the machine quilting. I find myself touching it all the time. If you like this, you really should visit Frieda's site and see the wonderful quilts she has created (click on the gallery link). 

Here are some close-ups of the machine quilting:


  1. I like the way you stitched halfway down the center of the flower petals! They look very three-dimensional.

  2. Thank you! It was amazing to me how much of a difference the quilting made to this project. Makes me want to work on more similar projects.

  3. WOW That is gorgeous, Phyl. I am continuously amazed at what you and other quilters can create with some fabric, a needle and some thread. I love the flowers--they really do come to life, and the background stitching is so intricate and beautiful, too!

  4. Thanks Christine. I was so inspired by the teacher of this class. It is fun to learn about texture and how to use thread beyond the "normal" ways.


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