Quilts for Cancer Patients

There's a large university hospital in my town with a well-regarded cancer treatment center. There are all kinds of groups that provide services to patients and their families to help ease their way through the painful realities that come with a diagnosis of cancer. One of those groups provides quilts to cancer patients. This group started out in 2005 by making and giving quilts to breast cancer patients. Last year they expanded the program and now children receiving chemotherapy and thoracic cancer patients each get a quilt. My guild got involved and this spring will donate at least 50 quilts to the program.

Last fall a whole bunch of us received fabric remnants from the kind folks at Connecting Threads. So here's a look at the quilts my QBFFs & I made. First up is QBFF A's. Simple, yet so striking. I love this.

Next up is QBFF T's.  She used a scrappy pattern to create hidden pinwheels. This is fun to look at to see the patterns emerge.

This one is mine:

All three of these used the same fabrics. Look how different they are!

And here are some of the other quilts turned in by fellow guild members. Again, all of us using the same fabrics.

Here's a picture of a totally different quilt. Someone else made the top and I quilted it. There are lots of folks who prefer to make just the tops. I volunteered to quilt it because it's great practice. I can fool around with all-over designs and refine my technique.

Here's that quilt I made again. Can you find the mistake? Actually, I made the same mistake twice. And I never noticed until the quilt was finished.

Here's a hint. One turquoise block and one orange block.


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