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Fifteen months ago I was browsing various author and reader websites when I ran across a notice of a little contest that would be held during the month of February 2010. Avon was asking readers who enjoyed the anthology "It Happened One Night" to supply possible plot points for a repeat performance, this time titled "It Happened One Season." I read the contest rules, did a little pondering, and came up with this:

The younger brother of a titled lord, the hero had a career in the army but has lived as a recluse since returning from the war with France.

Heroine is shy or unattractive and after many seasons has never had a suitor.

Hero's brother has only daughters and asks his brother to marry in order to try to ensure that succession stays within their family.

I was inspired, I think, by all of the things I'd learned over the years about British laws of succession and their social, economic, and familial importance. At any rate, I submitted my little entry and moved on. In all honesty, I NEVER expected my entry to garner any attention. But February rolled around, the finalists were announced, and there I was. Finalist #2.

I told my family. I told some friends. I told the half dozen of you who read this blog. They voted for my plot. You voted for my plot. And several hundred total strangers voted for my plot. And suddenly it became "my" book.

Wow. A book inspired by my idea. 

And today, one year and two weeks after the voting ended, it's here. In stores. On my Kindle. There's even a copy out there that has been signed by Stephanie, Mary, and Candice. I've been told it's on its way to Jacquie who will sign it and send it on to me. With luck, I'll have it by next week.

Want to read more? There's a review up at AAR, here.

Super Wendy tweeted today about an article in RT, here. It's interesting reading about the making of IHOS with comments by all four authors about what they thought of my winning idea and how they handled it.

Avon asked me if I'd consent to a short interview, which of course I did. I have a short set of questions to answer and that should appear on the Avon Romance blog in the coming days.

On top of all this goodness, as the winner I received a $1000 Amex gift card. I spent months deciding how to spend it. And in a few days I'll let you know what I did.

Meanwhile, to all of you who got excited along with me, THANK YOU! What fun this has been, especially being able to share it with my online friends and fellow romance lovers. You know, it just wouldn't have been as interesting without you. If you read it, I sincerely hope it lives up to your expectations. And if it doesn't --well, thanks for trying.


  1. Yay!! Happy release day! Can't wait to read it!

  2. Weeeeeeeee! So exciting! Can't wait to get my own copy!

  3. I ordered it and I just can't wait to read it. Woo*eee! There's a lovely review up at Heroes and Heartbreakers ... what a super experience it sounds like this has been!

  4. Oh wow, Phyl! Congratulations! :D

  5. Thanks everyone. I finally was able to read it myself over the last 2 days. I really enjoyed it, but I'm biased. I'm going to write up my thoughts (I hesitate to call it a review) and will post those soon.

  6. Yay! Finally your book is out! LOL!!! I'm going to buy a copy (and of course read it!!! ) and someday when we meet, I'd like you to sign it. :D

    Your role in this book is SO incredibly exciting. I'm so excited to have witnessed it through you. How very fun.

  7. Hey Christine, I saw the comment you left on Hilcia's blog earlier asking when it was out--so now you know. I'd love to sign your copy; I hope we can work that out. Meanwhile, enjoy the book. I'm re-reading it so I can do a blog post.

    Yes, this has been incredibly fun and exciting. Thanks!


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