Blooming 9-Patch

This is a smaller version of the Blooming 9-Patch pattern made popular by the book Tradition with a Twist by Blanche Young and Dalene Young-Stone which was first published in 1996. I don't remember precisely when I first saw a quilt made out of this pattern, but it probably wasn't long after 1996. All I know is that I wanted to make one for years. My mother-in-law gifted me with the fabric for this quilt for my birthday about a year before she passed away. Although I had finished the top before she died, because she lived 2500 miles away she never got to see the finished top. The fabric was purchased at Quilting in the Country in Bozeman, MT when we were vacationing together in Yellowstone. We had a great day together and it has become a special memory; this quilt will always be in honor of her.

So here's a former UFO that I finished two nights ago after only 5.5 years. Sometimes I make a quilt in less than two weeks. Sometimes it takes a few years.

Miss you, Oma.


  1. I love this quilt, Phyl. I think the Blooming 9 Patch might be my favorite quilt design. And the colors you chose for this one are just perfect. I'm sure your Oma would love it.

  2. Thank you so much!! I put this on my FB page and got more comments on it than for any of my other quilts. People have said such nice things. I am so pleased with how it turned out, and I think Oma would have loved it too. Thanks again.


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