Whisper Challenge

Here's an odd little project to show you.

Remember the old child's game "telephone"? Someone whispers a sentence into the ear of the person next to them and then it goes around the room and you see how the sentence changes as it's repeated by each player. Well, I entered a guild challenge based upon that game and here is my little quilt. We were placed into groups of 4 people per group. One of our members, a talented photographer, passed photos out to one person in each group. Person #1 had to make a quilt based on one of the photos. The other 3 people in the group were not allowed to see any of the photos. In November the photo was returned and the finished quilt was passed on to person #2. Person #2 (which would be me in my group) had to make a quilt based on Person #1's quilt. Us #2s have to turn in our completed quilts to #3s on Thursday night and return the 1st quilt to their owners.

I wish I could show you the quilt I had to "copy." But I need to get permission to first. I can tell you that I'm pretty sure the original photo was a cityscape of some city I cannot recognize. My #1 must have scanned the original photo, played a little with the picture by distorting it to a degree. Then she printed it onto fabric. She made a second fabric print, only the second print distorted the colors as well as the image.
My quilt is the same dimensions as hers and orients the images the same way she did. Essentially I traced the main images and made a "map". I used that map for raw edge applique. I copied the colors she used, even in the sashing and border. Her quilting was different though. She used a technique to imitate window panes. I decided to eliminate the window pane effect and let the raw images stand. The whole thing is only 10" x 21". I started working on it Saturday. I spent nearly 3 months staring at it trying to figure out what to do. I'm anxious to see all 4 quilts together with the original photo. They'll be displayed in a gallery this summer. Maybe I'll be allowed to get a photo of the 4 together to post here.

And because I cannot stop myself from taking pictures of all this snow (more is on the way!) here are more bonus pictures.


  1. Oooh, the snow and the quilt - both so pretty!

  2. i loved the whisper game, we always called it chinese telephone tag, i like the name "whisper game" much better! slightly more PC. and love the snow pictures! stay safe and warm!

  3. Thanks! We haven't been slammed in the midwest the way the Atlantic coast has, but 1) we're used to snow, and 2) this has been alot, even for us. It's been so cold that even when the sun comes out the snow doesn't melt off the trees.


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