Stars quilt

It started with three very disparate fabrics. The QBFFs and I decided to have a challenge. We each picked a fabric and gave a fat quarter piece to the others. My choice was the blue batik with orange highlights. QBFF A. chose the pink. QBFF T. chose the purple. These fabrics were not going to be able to go into something tame and calm.

I've posted pictures of this as a work in progress, but here it is finished, hanging on the wall of the guest room. The next picture is a close-up of the quilting which I did on my Baby Lock mid-arm domestic machine. The pattern is from the July/August issue of Fons & Porter Love of Quilting. I'll be entering this in the June NQA show.

As I was getting the photos ready for this blog post I realized that I never posted the picture of the completed large version of the Christmas Candle.

And here's a bonus picture. This will keep me indoors sewing all weekend :-)


  1. Very nice. I'm still trying to figure out what QBFF stands for!

  2. Thanks Sheila! And QBFF is a play on the abbreviation BFF (Best Friends Forever). Quilting Best Friends Forever. A., T. & I get together once a month to quilt together, we attend the same guild, and we try to challenge one another regularly to stretch our skills. They really are BFFs.

  3. they look great Phyllis! is it too late to enter that show in June?

  4. Thanks Beth! And no, you have plenty of time. Entry forms are due May 1. I'm sending you an email shortly, too.

  5. Gorgeous quilting, Phyl!

    Love the Bonus photo! You got more than we did... I was hoping to be totally snowed in, but we got barely 4 inches here in NJ. :(

  6. Heh! We're scheduled for another 6-9 inches over the next 36 hours. Maybe you'll get some of that action. Awesome winter this year.


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