All those strips

So, back during the football playoffs I blogged about all of these strips I was sewing together for a Quilts of Valor project my guild was doing. Before yesterday's "Super Sew-In" I had to finish prepping my strips. First, I cut the strip sets into smaller sets 6.5" wide:

Then I had to sew them end-to-end until I had sets that were approx. 10 yards long. Here they are laid out in my upstairs hallway. I'm standing several feet into the guest room and they extend down the hall into the master bedroom, up against the treadmill.

Rolled up like this, they don't look like so much fabric.

The QBFFs and I, along with a helper, formed one of the teams of 4. We had 12 teams working on quilts during yesterday's day-long sewing event sponsored by my guild. Here's our workspace.

And here are the 3 quilt tops we finished yesterday. As a group we were particularly fond of the middle quilt which was harder to make and took quite a bit of coordination between us.

Well hello! That's me!

Happy Valentine's Day to any of you who celebrate it. I leave you with a placemat I made last week. This was another guild service project. We collected about 80 of these to donate to Meals on Wheels. They'll be used to make the trays of food more festive.


  1. Well, hello, Phyl! So nice to see your pretty face! :)

    Those quilts are gorgeous! I love the first one best, I think. And the Valentine placements for meals on wheels is such a sweet gift.

    Happy stitching!

  2. Why thank you! I figured it was time to come out from behind my machine, so to speak. And I like that first one, too. It was very easy to make.

  3. Well, hello Phyl!

    I'm SO jealous... I've always wanted to learn how to quilt and you are just wonderful at it. They are so beautiful! The best I can do is crochet and knit. But what a joy for you. :)

  4. Thank you Hilcia! And truthfully, I'm envious of knitters. These days the yarns are so gorgeous--they do wonderful things with color and texture now. But I simply cannot afford another hobby, LOL!

  5. I love the one that looks like a bookshelf! You are so talented.

  6. Thanks, Cheryl! I hadn't thought of a bookshelf, but that is what it looks like. Hmmm... now I feel creative... how can I make a bookshelf quilt?


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