Some progress--we have grass

I finished with the grass section tonight. There are a lot of open areas and it took awhile.

Clouds are next. I get nervous everytime I start a new section and have to work myself up to it. I know how I want to do the clouds but I'll need to practice first by doodling on some paper and then on some scraps.

Here's a look at the 3/4 of it that is quilted. Boy is it dense. And heavy. For the grass alone I used most of a 500-yard spool of thread. That's a lot of thread!

I've also made a little more progress on that baby quilt. Fortunately, it doesn't get borders. I should get it sandwiched soon.


  1. Hi Phyl,

    You're so talented with all of this quilting. A friend of my family also quilts, she has done some similar sorts of works to you. At the moment, she's planning a big one for my parents' 30th wedding anniversary, but she's made lovely ones for both my brother and myself as children and for our 18ths.

    Very envious of your obvious talent in this field :)


  2. Beautiful!!! I love the bright pink flowers in the first photo. The way they're three dimensional adds the perfect touch of whimsy! :)

  3. Thank you both! I've now completed the sky and am working on the border. Hope to have new pictures up in a day or so.


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