February UFO report

I am way behind on some posts. Here's how the work on my UFOs went during February:

First, I finished a quilt! This is a gift for a family friend. This was a "quick" 9-patch. It's about 5' x 5'.

One of my UFOs is a floral sampler. I finished another block and now have 4 of 9 blocks done.

This is identical to the finished quilt above. This one is for my son, just made from fabric he picked out. I took it to the retreat and got the borders on. 

This is another quilt for my son. Again, I just got the borders added while at the retreat. It's made from Boy Scout fabrics.

Now here are a series of pictures of "Springing Up Fun". I got started on the quilting. I quilted rocks.

I quilted water.

I quilted grass.

I got about 2/3 of the quilting done. All of this was done on the retreat.


  1. Fabulous pieces all, Phyl! I don't know how you can quilt so much and READ at the same time!

    I like that UFO floral sampler ... the colours look so pretty.

    And the rocks, water, grass really do look like the real thing, especially the rocks. :)

  2. Thanks, Jace. I don't sleep much. True.

    I'm way too proud of those rocks....


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