March Madness

Back if February, in preparation for our annual retreat, the organizers passed out the first page of directions for a mystery quilt. Like I don't have enough projects already to work on? You can download these things for free from Judy Hopkins here and so I cheated and took a look at what the completed mystery would look like. It looked attractive and called for 15 different fat quarters.

Hmm. I have a few thousand of those. I should use some up.

And then last week I got a new one of these. You should know. That's a "big deal" to a quilter.

So now, here's what I'm working on. Lots of little seams to iron.
Sadly this does not count as a UFO.
Definitely ADD.


  1. I love that first picture! Wow!! You could make MILLIONS of pot holders with that stash! tee hee. Seriously, though, that is an impressive collection. :)

    I giggled at your last two sentences. Not a UFO. Definitely ADD. I think that's a joke, right? Unless I missed the post about what ADD means in quilter language?

  2. Oh yes, it was a joke. ADD is universal--I must have Attention Deficit because I keep flitting from project to project. Oh look! Pretty! Must make.

    And while this new one is unfinished, I can't count it toward my UFO count because I started it this year. I'm *supposed* to be working on old projects, not starting new ones, LOL!

  3. And I forgot to add, yes, I have to admit it's an impressive collection of fabric. But I've been collecting now for over 20 years. And I know people who have more than I do. Way more. It's a sickness :-)


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