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Series, series. Everything is part of a series. I'm pretty sure I've said this before, as has every other blogger, probably.

Several months ago I discovered that my local library has the entire Psy-Changeling series by Nalini Singh available in audio. I've been listening to them at a rate of about 2 per month and I just finished Blaze of Memory, the 7th book in the series. First, I'm extremely glad I decided to do this re-read. It's been almost nine years since the 1st book, Slave to Sensation, was published and over the years I've forgotten as much as I've remembered. Some books have been more compelling, and thus more memorable than others. Some, like Blaze of Memory have not been so memorable. Case in point, with BoM-- as I listened I knew I'd read it before, but honestly couldn't remember any of it until near the end. And this is kind of important because Singh has carefully built the Psy-Changeling world and each book is full of clues as to what will be coming. When I finally get to listen to the latest book, Shards of Hope, I suspect that some parts of it will make much more sense than they did when I read the book in June. Anyhow, I am enjoying the re-read and the narration by Angela Dawe. Her voice goes a little lower in volume when it goes low for the male lines, which makes it hard to drive with the windows down on the freeway (I hate to use the A/C). But I figure that's on me, not her.

In between Psy-Changeling books I've been listening to Kate Reading read Loretta Chase. OMG, how I love to listen to Kate Reading! She's become my favorite narrator. Anyway, I listened to The Last Hellion and Miss Wonderful. Mr. Impossible and Lord Perfect are on deck. Many readers prefer TLH to Lord of Scoundrels and they may have a point. I had forgotten much of TLH and I think I may even dig out my print copy in the near future. Such an excellent book that had me laughing and crying.

In print I've read more of Beverly Jenkins' Blessings series. I mentioned starting it back in November. I love the concept behind this series because I so, so wish the world were really like this. That more people who had wealth would use it to invest in the lives of others. That we would pay more attention to our elders and benefit from their wisdom, and sometimes, from their mistakes. That we would find a way to help and protect the lost among us, especially children. Henry Adams, KS is not utopia, but it sure sounds like a wonderful place to live.

Fiona Lowe has two books out in a new series set in Medicine River, MT. The most recent book, Truly Madly Montana features a heroine with Type 1 diabetes. From my perspective as a mother of a son with T1, I don't think she could have nailed the diabetes aspect better. I myself struggle with not limiting my son or smothering him with my worries. In TMM, Millie doesn't want people to know she's diabetic because they'll 1) assume she can't take care of herself, and 2) automatically place limits on what she can or cannot do. Lowe covers it all: the blood sugar highs and lows, the tether to an insulin pump, the distraction of a continual glucose monitor, and the fact that a diabetic can't go more than a few hours without thinking about his or her blood sugar. And all of this was packed into a very nicely done romance with a hero who has to let go of his issues and trust Millie to take care of herself.

Finally, once upon a time I loved Anne Stuart's Ice series. I haven't re-read them to see if I'd still feel that way (I kind of suspect not), but I did read the newest book Consumed by Fire. As I understand it, this is more of a spin-off series than a continuation. A few members of "The Committee" are mentioned but don't really have much to do with this book. Anyhow, I don't have much to say about CBF other than the fact that I loved the dog. Otherwise, it's more of the same: the romance is loosely developed and the hero is a jerk.


  1. I LOL'ed at your Anne Stuart review. "I loved the dog" is sort of damning with faint praise ;)


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