QBFF Challenge--FQ Exchange

Two years ago I blogged about a challenge the QBFFs and I had organized. We exchanged 2.5 yards of fabric. Each of us had to take the fabric we were given and make a completed quilt for the person who gave them the fabric.


These are the fabric collections we exchanged. The fabric for my quilt is to the left. The fabric I received is above on the far right.

It took 2 years for the last of us to finish her quilt. I actually finished mine in late 2012, but I couldn't reveal it until now. Below are the finished quilts.

The rules were pretty simple. We had to use some of each fabric, we could only add one more fabric, and the quilt had to be at least lap sized (bigger than a crib quilt, smaller than a bed quilt).

QBFFA and QBFFC exchanged the two collections in the upper left above. Here are their completed quilts side-by-side:

Here is the quilt QBFFT made for me. I absolutely love it! I think I need more yellow in my life:

Finally, here is the one I made for QBFFT. I used an interesting pattern, and I will blog more about it shortly.

We're already hard at work on our next two challenges! It's a great way to stretch our abilities.


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