Latest QBFF Challenge

My QBFFs & I have done some fun projects together over the last few years. One thing that's become a tradition for us is to create some sort of challenge each year. For example, one year we each had to make something that included 3 specific fat quarters of fabric. I made this star quilt. There was also the Paint Chip Challenge. Last summer QBFF T came up with an interesting idea that will result in 4 very, very different quilts. Her rules were that each of us had to put together a fabric packet that totals 2.5 yds. and can have up to 10 different fabrics. Our fabric packet was passed to another QBFF and that person has to add one, and only one fabric of at least 1 yard to make a lap quilt. The completed quilt will be returned to the QBFF who purchased the original fabric packet.

Since QBFF C & I are sisters, we decided to fix it so that C & I are NOT working on quilts for one another. In the end, QBFF T & I are making quilts for one another and QBFF A & C will make quilts for one another. 

So, here are my fabrics:
Here are my sister C's:
Here are QBFF A's:
And here are QBFF T's--the fabrics I'm working on. This is a collection of Amy Butler fabrics.
Except there's that solid purple in there. That threw me for a loop at first. But then I decided to just run with it. I'm going to try for something reflective of the modern quilt movement. The blocks will have an improvisational style. Keeping my fingers crossed it turns out well.


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