More Paint Chip Challenge

Last year, the QBFFs, my sister, and I decided to do a "paint chip challenge." That is, we each started with a paint chip and had to come up with any kind of quilt using only those colors. I got green, H(onorary) QBFF C. got coral, T. got orange, and A. got yellow. You can read more about mine here

Today I have some pictures of the final projects and then a photo of the 4 of us together w/ our quilts. Since my sister, HQBFF C. does not live in this area, it was a real treat for the 4 of us to go out to dinner and talk quilts and quilting.

First, QBFF A. She made 7 panels and then added these purple sunflowers. I could accuse her of cheating, but those sunflowers sure make the panels pop.

Next, QBFF T. She made a lovely Storm at Sea quilt using her colors. This picture isn't very good; the quilt is more orange. I think the colors are better in the final shot at the bottom.

This is C. holding up her paint chip along with her quilt. Her border fabric has some green and brown in it and make a nice frame for the paper-pieced stars.

Next and last, this is mine. I used only what I already had in my stash and decided to make a table runner that I'll be able to use on my kitchen table:

And here we are all together:

Soon I'll talk about the NEXT challenge we came up with! Fun.


  1. I LOVE this paint chip challenge and the photos are just wonderful. I think yours is my favorite and I'm not just saying that because you're my friend! I am partial to that design and I tend to like the more monochromatic color schemes. If monochromatic is a scheme. LOL.

    Great job done by all quilters!

  2. Monochromatic IS a scheme! And thank you! I'm glad you like it. This was actually a pre-cursor to the logo quilt you commented on tonight. I played with light/dark values moving across the surface instead of colors moving. I'd like to do more along these lines. Anyhow, it is fun to see the 4 of us together with our quilts.


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