Paint Chip Challenge

My sister, the QBFFs, and I are doing a "paint chip challenge." We swapped paint chips and each of us has to make a monochromatic quilt using the color of our paint chip. I was the recipient of this lovely green paint chip:

Here are some fabrics I pulled from my stash (OK, I admit it--I did do a little shopping, but just a little!):

I'm thinking one or more of those might have to go. And since white and black are not colors, I may add a little of each for some "pop!"

What to make, what to make...

Actually, I have an idea. Stay tuned!


  1. You do have a lot of green fabrics. :) Can't wait to see what you'll make.

  2. Oh I love those shades! I can't wait to see what you decide to make. Lovely fabrics.

  3. Well, so much for an "end of the summer" deadline. I gave Diana a paint swatch of purples, so she is working on something too. Can't wait to see everyone's finished projects!!

  4. Yes, those are some beautiful greens. It should be fun to work on this.

    And Char, very cool that Diana is joining us! Oh, and technically the end of summer isn't until Sept. 20. Just sayin' :-)

  5. What an AWESOME idea for project inspiration and or challenge!

    I have another great idea!! I send you the paint chips that I used for my house and you design and sew stuff for every room of my house!

    Omgosh did I just say that out loud?!? How selfish.

    How about every other room of my house? LOL!

    Kidding!!! ^_^

  6. Maybe one room...

    Actually, I'm planning a table-topper give-away here. Maybe it'll match!


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