UFO Update

I interrupted work on my UFOs (UnFinished Objects) to do the Happy Rainbow Quilt for the auction and with that done, it's time to get back to my UFO list. My guild is sponsoring a mini quilt-in on Friday and I'm going to pack up one of my machines and start quilting this Blooming 9-Patch that I've been anxious to work on for some time.

Most people do a large bed-sized version of this quilt, and it really can be stunning depending upon one's fabric choices. I wanted one I could hang on a wall in my living room. My late mother-in-law gifted me with most of the fabric in this quilt shortly before she passed away. I think she would have liked how it turned out.
This year I set my sights much lower! Christine had suggested I aim for one per month. An excellent idea, although it hasn't worked out that I actually work on one per month. No, being ADD means I work on multiple things at once. But I did shorten my list to 13 items and while we're now over 4 months into the challenge, only 1 item is actually finished. That would be this one here:

However, I've made significant progress on 2 more items on the list. One I'm hand quilting and it's almost finished. The other just needs to be layered, basted, and quilted. It was literally just in pieces back in December.

So, have I told you lately to go over and bid? Yeah, you need to do that right now.


  1. I really like your blooming 9 patch! It's beautiful!! Happy quilting!!

  2. OH WOW! Your UFOs are all soooo beautiful. I am especially LOVING your blooming 9-patch. SO GORGEOUS. I love the colors... the pattern.. everything about it.
    Happy stitching! :)

    Oh, and my suggestion for 1 UFO per month is just a suggestion. By all means, do not pressure yourself... no stress! Just fun! :)

    .... but get stitchin. LOL! j/k ;)

  3. Thank you both! I got a good start on the quilting this afternoon. But I think it'll go slow because I'm being rather detailed. Hopefully I can get some good pics later to show you what I mean.

    And Christine, honestly, you weren't pressuring me! I had had a similar thought. But since I don't work single-mindedly very often (the Rainbow quilt being a huge exception), it's hard to think in terms of one per month. On the other hand, 12-15 projects in a year's time is reasonable, especially since 10 of my 13 projects are actually started.

  4. Phyl those are ALL gorgeous! I really like the one all the way on the bottom. Does that one have a name?

  5. Thanks, Hilcia! That bottom one is called "Slash a Stash" and is from a kit my late mother-in-law started. I finished the blocks around New Years. I have a better picture on my laptop (which won't connect to the Internet right now) that I'll have to load. I'm glad you like it; I think it's really striking.

  6. Phyl, maybe you can put up a picture of "Slash a Stash" when it's all finished! I would LOVE to see it all done. :D The colors pop out and striking is definitely the word for it. Gorgeous!

  7. Don't worry, I'll do that Hilcia. It probably won't get quilted until later in the summer. Meanwhile, if I can get the laptop connected I'll post the picture of the top tacked to my design wall.


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