UFO update

I actually finished this while on the way to California last month. It was a wedding gift for my niece and her new husband. This piano was made from a kit my late mother-in-law left behind when she passed away 3 years ago. I thought my niece might like to have something her grandmother had intended to make. The pre-printed piano keys and music-themed fabric made this a very easy quilt to put together. The curved seams are easier than they look and this was a very fun quilt to make.

So, one more UFO down. Gee. Only 23 more to go.

Oh. Just have to say--I'm never buying that cheap batting from JoAnn's again. It shed worse than a pet.


  1. This is one of the coolest quilts I've ever seen!!!

    LOL about the batting shedding worse than a pet! :P

  2. Thank you! Wish I could take credit for the design. It was from a kit. But, yeah, totally striking isn't it?

  3. Such a special gift, Phyl, thanks so much for making it!


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