Retreat Project report

This is a picture of the 4 projects I worked on this weekend. The two hangings just need bindings now and they'll be done. It should be pretty quick to finish the tops that I got started that are just piles of blocks and strip sets so far.

Here are close ups of the quilting on the two hangings. I received some lovely compliments for the echo quilting on the larger piece. Good thing, because that puppy turned into a monster amount of work. But it was a good skill-builder, so it was worth it.

Machine Update. I talked to a machine repair expert in another state who is a friend of my sister. He gave me some excellent advice depending on the verdict from the local guy about my dead machine. He also has 3 used Pfaff 2048s for a very good price if I need to do the unthinkable.


  1. Beautiful stuff, Phyl. Do you give away your quilts, sell them, or keep them all?

    Good luck with your sewing machine.

  2. Thanks, Jace. I probably give away at least half of them. The larger wall hanging is actually a favor for a friend who owns a shop and needed a sample finished. The smaller one is for my family room wall. The two nine-patch throws are for my son and his best friend. They took a beginner sewing class together and made pillowcases. The throws will match their pillowcases.

  3. I give away about half of my cross-stitch pieces too. *grin* Especially to family and friends who don't stitch but want to own a piece.

    Your son surely belongs in a class of its own - guys who quilt and stitch. *grin* Can't say I know many of them.

  4. Wow! That bottom one is gorgeous - not that the other one isn't too - but I REALLY Like the last one!!!

  5. Thanks, Kristie! I am quite pleased with it, I do admit.


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