NQA Show Time!

I'm a sucker for a quilt with flowers on it. Not floral fabric, but some sort of depiction of flowers. I wonder why this is, as I don't garden, buy flowers for the house, or hang out at gardens. But the variety of methods always draws me in for a closer look. And when I look back at the pictures I took tonight at this year's NQA Show most of them seem to be of the ones with flowers. Not all, but most. So here are a couple that I saw at the Preview Party that I liked best:

Sure is bright, huh? I don't think I could make something quite so green. But I still think it's wonderful. I like the little touches, although some are not obvious from the photo. I like the corner squares that match the flower color. I like the dimensional applique. And it's very nicely quilted, too.

I'm so glad this one won a ribbon. It's got a rather unusual layout. I think the flowers are realistic looking and it takes a lot of attention to detail to make that happen. It's very nicely made and quilted. By the way, that shiny streak across the bottom of the photo is the plastic tape meant to keep people from touching.

Well, more pictures later. I have tons. But I'm still learning how to upload them and get the layout the way I want and it's late. I get very inspired to be quilting. I won't get much reading done in the days ahead. Gee, does that mean I have a life? Nah, I just transfer my obsession.


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