Check out my new iron!

It's the same size as my computer mouse. It's less than half the size of the Jenna Black book I'm currently reading. It's my new iron and it is NOT a toy! It really works, and works pretty darn well. I almost didn't buy it, but my kid talked me into it on Thursday. At the last minute I added it to my bag of supplies for Friday's class. and when I realized I wasn't doing a thorough job of finger pressing my pieces, I got it out and plugged it in. It made an instant difference in my foundation paper piecing. This project from the class has a ton of small pieces. The miniature lone star center has 240 pieces, all less than a square inch each. I'll post some pictures later. It's going to be very pretty, if I do say so myself! Meanwhile I'll play with my new iron. Guaranteed, these irons are going to be the "hot" new toy of 2007. Ha ha.


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