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Long time no see!

Hello Friends! So apparently it's been nearly a year since I posted anything here. To the 2 or 3 of you who check in here once in a while, I'm sorry. I decided to quit participating in the TBR Challenge, at least as a contributor. I do still like to see what everyone else is reading and I've found some excellent reads as a result. But lately my energies have been focused on my quilts. 2018 has been a productive quilting year, and here are some things I have finished to date. 1. This is a mini quilt made up of a couple hundred tiny 60-degree triangles. I don't know what possessed me to choose this pattern. It drove me nuts. But I do like it. I made it for an Instagram swap. You can see more of these quilts on IG if you search #bwqs2018. 2. I wanted a new throw pillow for my bed. Something for me! 3. I was commissioned to make a baby quilt for a friend's sister-in-law. I quilted it with glow-in-the dark thread. It is so cool, if I do say so myself.