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Phyl's 5 Phaves from May

May was the month of The Quilt of Many Squares . Seriously, just about every spare minute I had was spent working on that thing--assuming I had the energy. I didn't read much, or when I did it was late in the evening or on breaks at work. Sadly, I look back and don't remember a whole lot about these, but I do know that I enjoyed them and they were a welcome respite from sewing deadlines and trying to get The Teen to finish the school year on a positive note. It was a brutal month. 5. Harper's Bride by Alexis Harrington . I can't remember what prompted me to purchase this for my Kindle, but I'm awfully glad I did. It was originally published in 1997 and it would appear that most (if not all) of Harrington's back list is in e-book form. Melissa Logan marries Coy Logan to escape her abusive family, only to find herself dragged off to the Yukon gold rush and then sold to shopkeeper Dylan Harper to pay a debt. Melissa cooks and cleans for Dylan, and even starts he