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Another new purse

I recently finished this purse with matching wallet. The purse is from a pattern by Quilt Plus . I bought the pattern at a quilt show in Pennsylvania a couple years ago. If I take my purse to another show where the owner is vending again, I get a free pattern and I'll have my picture taken for her handbag gallery . Hopefully she'll be in Cincinnati for IQF in April. Meanwhile, it's fun to look at the wide variety of bags and purses in the gallery. The owner of this company is very talented. The wallet pattern is by Atkinson Designs . The pattern makes it very easy to attach the zipper. Zippers are intimidating. My Pfaff had to go to the hospital again. I miss it :-(                                                      

Phyl's 5 Phaves from July

5.  Waking Up with the Duke  by  Lorraine Heath . When I finished this book, my immediate reaction was to admit that I was simply impressed by the risks Heath took in writing about a couple who deliberately commit adultery. I'm writing this several months after having read it, and I'm still ambivalent as to whether I consider it a "phave" or not. In case you missed it, Jayne is married and her husband (Wolfort) is paralyzed from a carriage accident several years previously. His health is (conveniently) declining as well. Wolfort wants Jayne to be able to have a baby and he suggests that Jayne and his cousin (and best friend, Ainsley, the Duke) have an affair in hopes that she would become pregnant. Since this is set in a time when divorce was this close to impossible, you know going in that Jayne's husband will have to die in order for there to be a happy ending between she and Ainsley. And how happy a future can you envision when a relationship begins in such a w

TBR Day. Die Before I Wake / Laurie Breton. 2008

I remember when I bought this book. The Borders receipt was still inside the cover when I dug it out last week. I had a $5.00 off coupon and I thought I'd try something different. I like Romantic Suspense, but I'm not fond of 1st person books, which this is. But it turned out OK and while I doubt I'll re-read it, I did find myself engaged by the story. I can't find a traditional website for the author, although it appears she has a MySpace page here . This is the back cover blurb: Just five days after they meet, Julie Hanrahan and Dr. Thomas Larkin exchange vows on a moonlit Caribbean beach, the whirlwind conclusion to a romance that's swept her off her feet. Tom is sexy, witty and charming and Julie's sure she's found her Prince Charming. But not every fairy tale ends happily ever after. With a workaholic husband, a hostile mother-in-law and a resentful stepdaughter, the honeymoon doesn't last long. Especially after Julie finds out that Tom's fi

Phyl's 5 Phaves from June

5. Just Like Heaven by Julia Quinn . Even though I usually prefer a little more meat to my historicals, Quinn is still one of my favorite authors. Her humor and likable characters make her books fun, and sometimes, very emotional reads. Set in her Bridgerton world, this is the first in a new series featuring the unfortunate young women made infamous by the Smythe-Smith Musicales referred to in the earlier books. Marcus and Honoria have known one another since they were young as Marcus is her brother's best friend and Marcus spent much time with Honoria's family. While it's not quite a "friends to lovers" story, it is a story of two people who begin to see one another in a new light. Thoroughly enjoyable for fans of Quinn's work, although not my favorite. 4. A Marriage of Inconvenience by Susanna Fraser . This is the second book by Fraser that I have read and I liked it as well as her first one . While published second, it takes place before the events in T