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TBR Day. Passion's Song / Carolyn Jewel. 1988

I hear the term "old school" thrown around a bit and to be honest, I'm not entirely sure what that means. It does conjure in my mind an image of slightly more lurid covers, although given what Avon still puts out, I'm no more confident of that assessment either. I didn't really start reading Romance until 2003. When I got into it, I looked for the back lists of only a handful of authors (Balogh, Beverley, Kelly, Metzger, and Putney). For this month's TBR Challenge I don't own too many pre-2000 books. This one goes all the way back to 1988 and I chose it because it's Carolyn Jewel's first published book and I'm a fan of her recent historicals, especially Scandal from 2009. If it didn't say so on the cover and on her website , I would never guess that this book was by the same Carolyn Jewel. The style is so markedly different. As it has been nearly 25 years, it's hardly fair for me to expect otherwise. But this book is so different

Auction time!

Are you an author? Do you know any authors? Would they like to have a quilt designed and made by ME featuring up to four of their book covers? Kinda' like this one here. I made it for Brenda , just to see if I could :-)  Well, and to thank her for the awesome job she does every year to raise money to find a cure for diabetes, a disease both our sons have.  Here are a couple of close ups: So, if you know someone who wants one of these tell them to go BID! Bid early, bid often! RIGHT HERE.  Or feel free to link to and/or tweet this post. I thank you for your support!