Auction time!

Are you an author? Do you know any authors? Would they like to have a quilt designed and made by ME featuring up to four of their book covers?

Kinda' like this one here. I made it for Brenda, just to see if I could :-)  Well, and to thank her for the awesome job she does every year to raise money to find a cure for diabetes, a disease both our sons have.

 Here are a couple of close ups:

So, if you know someone who wants one of these tell them to go BID! Bid early, bid often! RIGHT HERE. Or feel free to link to and/or tweet this post. I thank you for your support!


  1. Hooray! It's time!!! ^_^

    You are so creative, clever and generous, Phyl!

  2. Great work, Phyl! How did you do it? Did you like bring the book cover to be print on fabric?

  3. Thank you both! You can buy special fabric that is tightly woven and goes through ink jet printers. I contacted Brenda's assistant who does a lot of behind-the-scenes work for the auction and asked her if she could get me digital images of the book covers. Brenda's editor kindly sent those along. After I printed them out I chose fabric from my stash to complement the colors used in each cover, and designed a way to frame the covers.

    We did it all behind Brenda's back and surprised her with it in early February.

  4. Daaaaang - the high bid is already at $80! You go girl!

  5. It's really awesome, Phyl! great work!

  6. Thanks! And now it's up to $135 and holding. Things get really slow until the end of the month. But I'm happy to see it this high!


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