Two Mini Quilts

My spring was busy with more two more Instagram mini quilt swaps. I've decided to lay off the swaps for a while. I have several larger projects to finish. If I make progress on those, maybe I'll join one again in the new year.

Hopefully you recognize the Millennium Falcon. This was for a Star Wars fandom swap, with a due date of late April, so it would be done in time for May the Force Be With You Day (May 4th). Check out #maythe4thmqs2 if you want to see some really amazing Death Stars, character quilts and more! 

This was due in early June for an animal quilt swap. My partner expressed a love of red pandas, so I made this for her. I love this little quilt, but it was a bear to put together. It had 20 different sections, while the Millennium Falcon only had 6 sections. You can see some of the remarkable animal quilts at #animalquiltswap2017. There's quite a variety.


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