Three Recent Quilts

Lots of sewing continues to happen in my world. I've finished a couple of small projects recently, and one big one. If you follow me on Twitter, you may have seen this first one back in early March. I made it for an Instagram swap. The swap involved using one of several stylized alphabets by Kristy of QuietPlay. My partner for the swap requested the word feminist and I was delighted to make this for her. I love it so much, I may make another for myself, although another idea is also brewing. We'll see.
I used the slant of the cursive letters to determine the angle of my matchstick quilting lines.

Next up is a little wall hanging I pieced back in 2015 and finally got around to quilting in March. It was a detailed little pattern. It looks nice and cheerful hanging near our back door. I just did simple, minimal quilting on this one.

This last one was made for some friends who just had a baby. While traveling last summer, I found the elephant fabric and bought it with no particular plan in mind. The pattern is a composite of several modern designs I've seen online and I drew it up myself on the computer. I love the way this looks and I may use the pattern again. It's 66" x 48".


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