TBR Day. Finding Comfort on the Keeper Shelf

I know that TBR Day is all about tackling those unread books cluttering up our shelves and/or devices. Usually, it's not that hard for me to find something to read. But since the outside world has become an unstable and scary place, I find myself drawn to the tried and true, drawn to what I know I will like. And of course, I also find myself spending more time sewing and getting lost in creative spaces. These are good places for me to escape to when there is time to do so-- and I have become incredibly grateful that I have both the time and the means. I try not to take it for granted.

Concurrently, when Jo Beverley passed away last year, I promised myself I would re-read all of her books. I decided to start with the Rogues series and I picked up The Arranged Marriage back in November. It wasn't until a couple of weeks ago that I moved on to book 2, An Unwilling Bride and then as soon as I finished that one I devoured Christmas Angel over the weekend. I first read these books over 10 years ago and it is delightful to be reminded of little details that have long since been forgotten. My understanding of the history of the years surrounding Waterloo has increased during the last decade, so my appreciating of the setting of these books is, I believe, greater.

So today, I simply say thank you to Jo Beverley and all the writers like her who wound up on my keeper shelf. There is as much joy, if not more joy in re-reading a book as there was the first time around. We call them comfort reads for a reason and this week I think I need as much comfort as I can find. 


  1. Someone in my blog circle used to do a Reread Challenge (I think it was either Ames or Nath?) and I always thought it was a clever idea - albeit not for me because I rarely reread (my TBR Guilt being near insurmountable).

    One thing I really do like to do is reread via audiobook. I do this a lot with mystery series. I can't tell you how many times I've listened to some of Sue Grafton's - and I think this year I'm going to revisit Marcia Muller.

    1. I started doing re-reading via audiobooks just a couple of years ago. I really like doing it that way as well. Only some of Jo Bev's books have been recorded, so I'll be alternating between listening and my print copies.

      With a renewed interest on my part to re-read my keepers, I've cut down both on my book purchasing and my book borrowing. That has decreased the anxiety and guilt too! :)

      Oh and one more thing, I remember you encouraged me to listen to the Tess Gerritson books. They are still on my radar!

  2. Nice idea. I like Wendy's idea of doing it by audiobooks. I also feel guilty re-reading because my TBR is ridiculous but the audio idea is perfect.

    1. Audiobooks certainly make it easier to put up with my commute! Definitely worth a try.


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