More Mini Quilts

In my last quilting post I talked about some Instagram swaps I joined this fall. The second swap was a Christmas Tree mini quilt using the Geometric Christmas Tree pattern by Kristy Lea. My partner in this tree swap wanted a modern minimalist look and a glance at her Instagram feed gave me the idea to use a black constellation fabric I found last summer. I made a test quilt, didn't quite like the very light green that looked white, and made a second one for my partner. I finished them both, and kept the first for my own Christmas decorating.

So here's the first one:

I think the gray thread that I used for the quilting overshadows the constellation print just a little. Still, I really do like how this turned out.

But my second attempt was MUCH better:
I used black thread for the background and a wider cross-hatch for just the tree. The constellations are easier to see. I also got rid of the pale green fabric as I mentioned above.

Here's the lovely tree I received in return from a quilter in North Dakota. I love that she chose red and used some gold beads for a little bling.

After finishing the swap, I made identical mini sewing machine quilts for my QBFFs. Once again using a Kristy Lea pattern, this time the Geometric Sewing Machine.
These were made with the rainbow of fabric in the Blueberry Park collection by Karen Lewis. Some close-ups:

All of these mini quilts are less than 16" x 16". It feels good to have finished a few things, even if they are small. I'm working on one more swap that's due in mid-January. Still having lots of fun!


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