TBR Day. Vacation pictures

Well, another month, another TBR failure. So how about some vacation pictures? I just got back from two weeks of driving out to the Rocky Mountains and back. I'm too swamped to write about anything I read, but I can post pictures!

We had a picnic lunch next to a prairie dog colony at a state park in Kansas:

In Estes Park, CO, two elk wandered into the town square:

Mama moose and her baby in Rocky Mountain National Park:

Sunset over our campground in Utah:

We drove through Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area and stopped to see the views:

On the west side of the Grand Tetons are Idaho's wheat fields:

Wildflowers spotted along the way. Don't ask--I have no idea of their names:

Late afternoon over Lake Yellowstone, a few hundred yards from our campsite:

Waiting for Old Faithful to erupt:

Beehive Geyser, near Old Faithful:

Hello Mr. Bison!! (shot with a zoom lens--I'm not stupid)

 Sunset over Yellowstone's Hayden Valley:

Driving through Nebraska on the way home:

We stopped at LOTS of quilt shops. My family is so patient.


  1. *Sigh* - all those wide open spaces. Makes me want to throw a suitcase in the car and start driving. Great photos!

  2. Lovely photos and sounds like an awesome vacation. I love the western states -- such a great place to take photographs. We were in Idaho this year as well. So pretty.

    1. Thank you, Dorine. We had a great time. I would love to spend more time in Idaho. It sounds like there's a lot to explore there.


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