Thursday, January 22, 2015

A Little Quilt

A couple of years ago I took a class from Teri Henderson Tope on reverse applique. This is a method where the top layer is cut away to reveal the fabric underneath. (Regular applique involves sewing pieces of fabric down to a background.) The class involved making a small floral piece and the applique work was done totally by hand. I only managed to sew a few of the petals of one flower in the class that day, so every now and then I would pick it up and work on it for a little while. When the block was finished I sewed the corner pieces on and decided to hand quilt it. That, too, was something I did little by little. And low and behold, last week I finally finished it.

This first picture is a close-up. Hopefully you can see some of the applique stitching.
 And this second picture is the finished quilt. It measures just 17" x 17".
When I first began quilting I hand pieced and hand quilted everything I made. Slowly I transitioned to using my machines for all of my piecing and quilting. In doing this project I realized how much I still enjoy hand quilting and I've taken steps to make sure I do more of it this year. I'll tell you about it next time out.

Meanwhile the tally stands at one finished quilt for 2015.

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