Mister DJ Quilt

My last finished quilt of the year is a twin-sized quilt that's my version of this quilt by Melissa Corry found on the Moda Bake Shop site. I even used the same fabric, Sphere by Zen Chic. The fun thing about this particular pattern is that the maker needs to put the strips together randomly making it highly unlikely that there are two identical quilts made from this pattern. But since I used the same fabric, mine looks very much like the one Melissa made.
I like the name, "Mister DJ," because it does remind me of the indicators on a music board. It's a very clever design.

This pattern uses two rolls of pre-cut strips. I had to separate the strips into high-volume, low-volume piles and then cut them into sets of varying lengths. The cut sections were then paired and sewn together with a small strip of the green. I wound up with 210 strips. In a pile they looked like this:
They had to be pieced together randomly, so in order to ensure that, I jumbled them up into a pile like this:
And I just grabbed and sewed, grabbed and sewed, until it looked like this:
Similarly, I grabbed the pairs randomly to build the blocks:
I put the blocks on my design wall:
And then I had a quilt top:
Here are some pictures of the quilting:

Because I was thinking of the lights on a sound board, I quilted loopy horizontal lines in the bottom, darker strips and loopy vertical lines in the upper, lighter strips. I put no quilting in the green. I quilted with two colors of Aurifil thread--gray for the upper parts, turquoise for the lower parts.

Kudos to Melissa Corry, for an imaginative and easy-to-follow pattern. I would like to make it again some time, perhaps using batiks or fall colors. The trick is finding a fabric collection with a good contrast and enough color to make parts of the quilt pop out. Of course, I have all those other things I need to finish first!

My 2014 tally is 7 finished quilts and 1 finished bag. I made 3 additional quilt tops that are waiting to be quilted (I haven't shown them here yet). Looking ahead to 2015, I want to quilt all three of those. I also want to return to working on my Aviatrix Medallion quilt and of course I have a few other things I'm anxious to start. So here's hoping for plenty of quality quilting time.


  1. Such a fantastic finish!!! Love the way you quilted it, really adds to the look!!! I am so glad you liked the tutorial and found it a fun quilt to make. I totally want to make another one as well ;)

    1. Thank you very much, Melissa, for your kind comments here and on Instagram. I saw the black & yellow version on your flickr page; it has me thinking of possibilities. Happy New Year!


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