Paint Chip Challenge 2015

In the wake of Halestorm (#HaleNo), lots of book bloggers are taking a break from normal reviewing for several days. I doubt I would have blogged books this week anyhow, but to show some solidarity here's a quilty post that had been brewing.
One search phrase that frequently sends folks to this blog is "paint chip challenge" because I had participated in one back in 2010. You can read more about that with the series of posts here. It was such a fun thing to do that when I became president of my guild this year, I decided to issue a similar challenge to guild members. I passed out close to 100 paint chips at our September and October meetings. They were in sealed envelopes, so no one knew what color they would receive. The rules are as follows:

  1. Use the color family represented by your paint chip as closely as you can manage.
  2. Use a minimum of 3 (three) tone-on-tone and/or solid colored fabrics.
  3. Use ONE multi-colored fabric or ONE neutral fabric (black, white, grey, etc). Remember, one or the other. NOT both.
  4. Use any technique or combination of techniques. There is no size requirement.
  5. When your quilt is revealed in June 2015, pin your paint chip to the front of your project.
  6. If you absolutely hate your paint chip, you may trade it in for another. But remember, the goal is stretch yourself, to try to use what you received.
Yes, a few people did opt to trade for another color, but most have stuck with what they got. I got this bright blue palette.

I've already found a couple of fabrics that are perfect! I'm doing mine in batiks. That's all I'll say.

For fun, here's an update on my Aviatrix Medallion project. I've made the 40 blocks for the next border. Aren't they pretty all lined up together?


  1. Batik! I know you love it, and you will make another gorgeous quilt, I'm sure. Can't wait to see the finished product.

  2. Thank you both. I have to find more fabrics (a hardship to be sure /sarcasm), but I look forward to showing you what I end up with.


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