Quilts Finished in April

Well I'm half way through my local quilt shop's UFO Challenge and so far so good. I've finished the three projects I'd intended to do. Sadly I haven't won any of the monthly prizes, but I am loving the incentive to get these things done.

First, I need to remind you of this quilt that I made a couple of years ago:

It was for the great-nephew of a co-worker. She commissioned me to make a baby quilt for him. We talked about colors and I found this great space fabric that I thought would be fun for a boy. Only it turns out that the baby's mom hates orange and other bright colors. So we went with Plan B, the blue and brown quilt above.

But that left me with this quilt top. I set it aside to quilt later. And here it is, done at last. I love this version so much. It's bright and happy.

For the quilting, I did free-motion stars all over the whole thing. They're very funky looking. Here's the back where you can see them better:

But of course, this wasn't my only April finish. Don't forget my color wheel challenge quilt.

So, I'm now up to 7 finished quilts in 4 months. However, all but two were started before 2013. Still, I'm feeling rather accomplished.


  1. You are on a roll with these UFOs, Phyl! Way to go! Has it interfered with your reading time?

  2. A little, yes. And apparently it's interfered with my "respond to comments on the blog" time! Sorry about that. I'm having fun, though, so I don't mind a little less reading.

  3. Ha! I can totally relate! So no worries on my account. ;)


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