Quilts finished December 2012

This is a picture of a spread from the Spring 2012 issue of Quilt Sampler. I saw this quilt and instantly fell in love. The pattern was designed by Kathy Thomas and Jo Thomas of Suppose Quilt Boutique of Preston, Idaho. While the shop offers a kit, I decided to use that over-abundant stash of mine and make my own version. About the same time I was deciding to make it, I learned that my niece and her husband were expecting their first child. Baby gift!
So below is my version of the quilt. You can see some variation in color based on what I own in my stash. (I need to collect some brighter yellows!) There are some great memories for me in the fabrics in my version. I used a couple of fabrics that are at least 20 years old. There are remnants from other quilts that I remember quite well. A few of those purples were in this pinwheel quilt I made last winter.

And here is a close-up of my quilting. I did these half-moon shapes up and down the pencils to simulate the roundness of a pencil. I used over 3/4 MILE of thread in the quilting alone. Add in the piecing and I probably used a full mile of thread.

And this is a wall hanging made from a pre-printed fabric panel for my sister-in-law who loves wolves. She bought the panel and the paw print fabric and asked me to make something for her. 

Next up will be the quilt I owe the winner of the 2012 Brenda Novak auction. The winner is an author who gets a small quilt that incorporates 3 of her book covers. She asked me to wait until she had the cover for her 3rd book and with all the work I had to do on the colored pencil quilt I was more than happy to wait!


  1. I LOVE the colored pencils quilt. I could see that coming together with one or two color themes, even. Very pretty design. And miles of quilting thread!? Wow! But I can see why with that quilting pattern.. it's very small!

    Can't wait to see the auction quilt!

  2. Thanks, Christine. And you're right, it could be a very pretty quilt done in just one or two colors. But just ONE mile of thread, not multiples. That's still a lot. By comparison, I'm working on a t-shirt quilt that's lightly quilted. I'll probably use only 400 yds. of thread and it's a bigger quilt.


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