Philippa Naylor, Quilting Rock Star

Philippa Naylor is an award-winning quilter whose quilts I have admired for several years. She came and spoke at my guild last week and gave a wonderful, funny, and touching talk about her journey from fashion design to quilting. The next day I got to take a class from her called "Precision Piecing" where I learned some new stuff. Lots of pictures follow.
Here is Philippa during her lecture (sorry for the grainy picture from my phone).
She brought two quilts with her. She dyes her own fabric and then densely quilts them on her domestic sewing machine.


For the class, this is the small project we worked on. She taught us her methods for achieving sharp points and matching seams.

Lots of helpful demonstrations.

This is my work area and my block, partially assembled, on the left.

 The class at work.

 Some of my classmates' completed center blocks.

And here's mine with the borders added. It's 22" square and it shouldn't take long to quilt it. I hope to finish it before my December guild meeting.


  1. Phyl, how exciting for you! I would love to see a picture of the finished product.

    PS: Talk about dense quilting! Those are just beautiful, and lots of work, my goodness. I love the tree!

  2. Oh I know, that tree is amazing. She dyed all of the colored fabric herself. She said she makes about one quilt a year, so she clearly puts a ton of effort into each one.

    And don't worry, when I finish my little star, I'll post a picture here! Thanks.

  3. WOW That first quilt with the "rainbow hearts" is just stunning! What a gorgeous design and beautiful work. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Isn't it? She's a gifted designer and quilter. I'm so glad you enjoyed seeing it.


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