1600 2-inch squares

Last summer I saw this logo:

All I could see were those pretty colors and the modern, pixelated design. Color gone wild! I wrote to AALL and asked for permission to turn their logo into a quilt. They said Yes!

So I dug into my stash (see photo of said stash in sidebar to right) and started cutting squares. I cut and I cut and I cut.

Then I began sticking them up on my design wall. Only I did them in reverse (red on the left, blue on the right--hot to cold). And when I was happy I started sewing them together in pairs very carefully to keep them in the right order. The pairs would be sewn in to small sections and the small sections into large sections... well, you get the idea. It looked like this:

2-inch squares in a setting of 40 rows by 40 rows. That's 1600 squares. The seam allowances shrink the finished squares down to 1.5 inches. The final quilt will be 60" x 60". Here's the top all finished:

And here's that logo again:

My thanks to the American Association of Law Libraries for letting me use their design!

But I still have all these leftover squares (which means I cut well over 2000 squares). I wonder what I should make with them.


  1. A baby quilt? Hehehe. Couldn't resist. ;-)

    Although it would be colorful for one.

    But, wow, that was a truly neat design.

  2. Hey, a baby quilt is an excellent idea! I've been under the gun to finish this quilt as I made a commitment to exhibit in in June and again in July. But I could take my time making a baby quilt and have it on hand.

    Meanwhile, thank you! I'm glad you like it!

  3. Very impressed - it looks wonderfully cheerful and summery!


  4. Wow - I'm impressed. Love the colors of the logo - and what a great way to use your extra squares!

  5. Thank you so much Li & Lori! I really have to give credit to the person who designed the logo. I understand it was a staffer at AALL who oversees the association's publications. She has a wonderful eye for color.

  6. Phyllis, that is one gorgeous quilt! I love the rainbow effect of the colors and the simple white "background." Classic but contemporary. Very fresh.

    Bev's idea for a baby quilt with the extra squares is a great idea! What first came to my mind was a pillow sham. :)


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