Quilting update

Wow! I haven't posted a quilting update in ages. I went back and looked and realized that I haven't finished a project since September. Me, being me of course, started a couple of new ones. And I did churn out a dozen Kindle covers for my ... ahem ... Etsy store (Christine may now say "I told you so.").

Remember the paint chip challenge?

Here's the table runner I made (it's not quilted yet):

Remember the Block of the Month? The project that will one day look like this:

I've got 7 blocks done and a mile of sashing:

Now, if you want to see some seriously beautiful little art quilts that are bright and funky, you MUST follow this link. Frieda Anderson, a quilt artist & teacher came to town and I got to take a class from her a couple of weeks ago. The class project was the cone flowers quilt that's in the 3rd row of that link, 2nd from the left. Mine's only partway done, but here's a preview:

So that's what I'm working on. 


  1. Hey, congrats on your Etsy shop! Wishing you lots of sales and lots of inspiration!

  2. Thanks, Jace! We'll see how it goes.

  3. Gorgeous already. Congrats.



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