A cover

Remember that contest I won?

The book is due in April. I found a picture of the cover on Candice Hern's website.



  1. Phyl, I've been looking for this cover to put it on my side bar and couldn't find it! Even this last week... it wasn't anywhere. It is gorgeous! I can't wait to read this book. You must be excited. :)

  2. April is still a long way away, but yes, I'm excited and extremely curious to know more about the stories that will be in the book!

  3. EEEeeeep!!!! SO exciting!!
    It's a really great cover..

    You're still going to autograph my copy, right?!!! ;o)

  4. Of course, Christine! I wonder if I should do a book tour, LOL!!

  5. LOL! A book tour is a great idea! :)


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