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Yes, I did a lot of reading in May, but I also got quite a bit of sewing in. And in between, I kept an eye on the action over at the auction. So, if you didn't see, my quilt sold for $176! A very respectable price and the auction itself raised over $285,000. That just amazes me...

Meanwhile, I actually finished the May block of the month in May. This one was a little easier than the first one, although one of the edges didn't come out quite as straight. Nonetheless, the corners came together right and it squared up nicely to the required 12.5 inches.

Here's a look at my blooming 9-patch. The quilting is almost done. As you might be able to tell, I appropriated the kitchen table which is nice and big. When it's done, I'll get some close-ups of the quilting.

Finally, I am basting into a quilt sandwich the last top my mother-in-law completed before her death in 2006. It's stretched out on a frame in our living room, which has almost no furniture in it. Every now and then I walk by and put a few pins into it. This top is called "Moss Garden" and was made from a kit to go with a pattern book called Inspirations from Japan by Maria Tamaoka. The fabrics are a combination of Japanese wovens and American commercial cottons. I think it's a very attractive quilt.

As you might be able to tell, there are quite a few puckers in the top, which means that it wasn't pieced as carefully as it could have been. I thought about trying to take it apart, but it's the last thing she finished and I'd like to leave it as she finished it. Instead, I'm going to pin down some of the puckers and then I'm going to quilt it as densely as possible. It'll take a long time to finish, but if I do it right and block it when I'm done, it may lay relatively flat. That's what I'm hoping for.


  1. Great sale on your quilt! Thank you for submitting your blog for our Blog of the Week contest on facebook.Make sure you tune in at 10:00am cst to see the winner!

  2. Congrats on another successful auction! The grand totals AND your quilt going for $176! That's wonderful.

    Your quilts are gorgeous, Phyl. I LOVE, LOVE the blooming 9-patch. It's a gorgeous design and the colors are fantastic. I can't wait to see more closeups of it.

    Happy stitching! :)

  3. Thanks, Christine! The boys are going away this weekend, so I should get to finish it. Yea!

  4. Bring Gerta's quilt with you to Bethlehem and I will show you how to "fix" those puckers with quilting!!!


  5. OK, but there are some pretty major puckers!


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