UFO Challenge Ends. So, how'd I do?

At our guild meeting Thursday night, the 2009 UFO Challenge officially came to an end. I turned in a list of 28 UFOs (UnFinished Objects) that I thought I had a chance I'd work on. I finished 8. On the one hand, that's pretty pathetic. On the other hand, I kept starting other new projects. One woman in our guild reported that she spent over $900 to pay a long-arm quilter to finish her UFOs. I can at least report that I did all the work myself. But there are times I'm darned tempted to pass all those unfinished tops on to a long-armer.

So anyway, here is the 8th and final quilt for this year's challenge. It is totally hand pieced and hand quilted. It's been a long time since I made anything completely by hand. I started it back in 1995 when I taught a small class of women in my church how to quilt. I taught them some simple hand piecing methods and we made this 4-patch sampler. I started quilting it by hand a couple of years ago, but began to seriously work on it for the challenge. I finished it Thursday night at the meeting, just in time to show it off.

The challenge coordinator said we're going to do it again in 2010, starting in January. Maybe I'll be a little more realistic when I put together my list.


  1. Congratulations, Phyl! I think finishing 8 UFOs in a year is impressive. Why don't you make your goal for next year something just past this number now that you know how many you were able to finish this year. Maybe 12? One per month. That's kind of what I did for the number of books I read in 2008 and how many I wanted to read in 2009.

    Your 8th quilt is very pretty. I like that it contains four different patterns. You must feel so good to have finally finished it after it being a UFO for so long! Good for you, Phyl! :)

  2. Thank you! I picked the colors for #8 specifically to go with the guest room. It's interesting to look at fabrics manufactured nowadays and see how different they are from what I bought for that one all those years ago. And yes, it's very satisfying to see these older projects get finished.

    Meanwhile, you read my mind regarding 2010. I think I want to focus on the projects I am most anxious to have done. A more manageable goal would be 10-12 quilts. Part of what I need to consider is that there will be new projects that come along. So I want a good balance of the UFOs and ideas that come to me during the year.

  3. Exactly! It's kind of interesting how similar UFOs are to TBRs, isn't it? It would make a logical SAT analogy question. Remember those?

    UFOs : Quilting :: TBRs : Reading

    Except you and I might be the only people who would get that. LOL!

  4. Oh gosh, analogies, yes I do. And I'm very thankful NOT to have to think of them any more, lol. But nonetheless, very true.
    And I don't know how it is for you, but sometimes I get overwhelmed by my choices and helpless to actually MAKE a choice. Too many books, too many projects...it causes me to run screaming to the computer to surf or play spider!


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