Vacation by the Numbers

1 Wedding.
1 Minor Fender Bender.

1 Lunch with a Super Librarian. Pie was included. What a treat to meet Wendy and I thank her for taking her lunch hour to make time for me.
2 National Parks. The Grand Canyon and Mesa Verde.

7 States slept in. Indiana, Missouri, Texas, Arizona, California, Arizona (again), Colorado, New Mexico.

7 Quilt Shops visited. My personal attempt to aid the economy.
8 hot air balloons sighted in the cool morning air over Albuquerque as I rode to the airport on Saturday. Practice for the annual balloon fiesta?
11 books read. Several candidates for my monthly Phaves list.
11.5 yards of fabric purchased. Plus one kit and 2 notions. If you look closely at the picture you'll see some fabric with the Route 66 logo. Since we were on or parallel to Rt. 66 from St. Louis to LA it seemed appropriate to buy some Rt. 66 fabric. I also got some Southwest Indian-style fabric and have a great idea to make a quilt with it. Then just some general yardage that struck my fancy.

26 degrees. The difference in yesterday's high temperatures between Albuquerque and Columbus. What's up with that? It's July. It's supposed to be hot here. 70? No thank you! I want my heat back.
1769 miles flown. Someone in the family has to go back to work. The boys continue to explore New Mexico. Hmm. I may go to work tomorrow, but I think it feels like I'm still on vacation!
3946 miles driven. Well, I probably drove a total of 60 miles while DH did the rest. That's how I got all those books read.

Billions of stars viewed. I thought the skies over Flagstaff were clear, but that was nothing compared to the sky over Durango where there was much less ambient light. Amazing and Awesome.


  1. One should always have pie at lunch. It should be mandatory.

    Sounds like you had a wonderful, exhausting vacation. One of these days I'm going to take a trek along part of Route 66.

  2. Yes, if you can, you should try and drive it. Large portions are now interstate, but not all of it. Great fun, especially if you like tacky souvenirs. And there's still good road food to be had (more pie!), despite all the Micky D's and other chain restaurants that have sprung up.

  3. Wow, Phyl!!! What an AMAZING vacation! Aside from the fender bender, that is. I love the photos and the way you listed your trip in numbers... very creative.

    We drove part of Rt. 66 in August 2005 driving from the Grand Canyon to Vegas to fly home. We had been vacationing at several National & State Parks in Utah, ending at the Grand Canyon. What an amazing part of our country, don't you think? Anyway, I think that's so cool that you found quilting fabric with Rt. 66 motifs! How fun! :)

  4. Thanks, Christine! It was indeed a fun time. And the southwest is an amazing part of the country. I feel privileged to have visited there. Now with all this time home alone I hope to get some sewing done later in the week once my chores are done. I'm getting there!

  5. I have made most of this trip and enjoyed it very much. It brings back memories

  6. thanks for sharing the pics and memories. I'm new to your blog! how do you decide on your reading list for the month? I like to read also and will be checking out your august's list. :)

  7. Thanks Beth Gray!

    And beth, I keep a running list of books I want to read based on whether the author is already a favorite or from reviews and comments I find in other blogs and reader forums. I get a lot of books at my local library. I also buy quite a few--but I'm on a strict budget. I like to buy ebooks from Fictionwise and read them on my Ipod touch.


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